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The Most Advanced Growth Method Available Today!


How Tall Could YOU Be in Just a Few Weeks?

The question we hear most often is “Is it really true? Can I really keep growing?” The answer is an emphatic YES. With Super-Growth Height Booster, you can start gaining inches immediately, and find yourself growing steadily over several weeks. So many have been dealing with the “facts” of growth outside of adolescence, and have stopped looking thinking their dream is an impossible one.

People Just Respond Better To A Taller Person!

If you haven’t heard of this amazing new product and the advances in HGH technology, you’ve been missing out on the opportunity to reach the height you’ve always dreamed of. Psychological studies have revealed that gaining a few inches of height can greatly enhance your self-esteem, confidence, and success in love and business.

You Can Start Growing Again, at Any Age!

That’s right, the old myth of growth has been busted. It’s entirely possible to continue gaining height, no matter whether your family is predisposed to being short, not even if you’ve already reached adulthood and have been told your growth has stopped. Super-Growth Height Booster is here to show you how it’s possible to overcome this old adage and start gaining new height in just weeks!

But How Is New Growth Possible?

The Human Body is a miraculous machine, with multiple complex systems working together as an incredibly efficient whole. Hormones are excreted by the various small components of the endocrine system known as glands. Each of these plays a vital role in the healthy and balanced functioning of the body, and the pituitary gland in particular is responsible for the production of HGH, the hormone that governs human growth and manages a spectrum of minerals and nutrients.

HGH, also known as Somatotropin, helps the growth processes within the body move along, and is produced by, stored in, and secreted from within the gland. Once secreted, it works with the bodies systems to help stimulate the division and growth of the cartilage chrondrocytes, found at the end of the bones where growth takes place. By encouraging this activity, it can lead to lengthening of the limbs.

There is one other element directly involved with growth in the body, and that would by the Insulin-Growth Factor 1, or IGF1. It is directly related to Insulin, and is primarily produced within the liver. In combination with HGH, IGF1 has been shown to encouraging the function of the bone building cells known as osteoblasts.

By enhancing the presence of HGH and IGF1 within the body, Super Growth Height Boost will cause growth and regeneration within these areas of the body. In just a short amount of time, you’ll start noticing improvements to your posture and a steady gain in height within the first four weeks.

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